In Search Of A Midnight Kiss review

Alex Holdridge’s hip, flip US indie is a sweet’n’salty seduction

Salty enough for him, sweet enough for her, Alex Holdridge’s swooning slacker-com is the ideal date-flick for arthouse amore.

Caught knocking one out over a Photoshopped picture of his flatmate’s fiancée (guess who by?), Scoot McNairy’s floppy LA misanthrope tries to score the titular New Year’s Eve snog by placing a lonely hearts ad online. But then he meets his match in the pathologically stroppy Viviane (Sara Simmonds)…

The resulting romance is endearing when it’s revealing sad home truths, instead of revelling in the white lies lovers tell themselves. But even in the film’s cute moments, this is a brief encounter to cherish thanks to the wintry, black and white scuzz of the cinematography, some judicious silliness and a surprisingly welcome rendition of The Scorpions’ ‘Wind Of Change’.

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