In a world where speech is banned, one woman speaks out in Lattice Society

The Lattice Society
(Image credit: Mirko Mladic)

During this pivotal time in world history, a new creator-owned comic series called The Lattice Society imagines a future where all speech is banned by the U.S. government but one woman dares to speak.

"The year is 2064. Due to the rise in hate crimes and violence, the American people have voted to abolish words. Censorship in language seemed like the only way to combat many of the issues that surfaced," reads a description of the series. 

(Image credit: Mirko Mladic)

"From rampant racism, online trolling, and death threats to gender pronouns, Islamophobia, and government accountability, our society sought an opposite extreme. That is what they want you to believe..."

Writer Ely Moskowitz and artist Mirko Mladic intend The Lattice Society to be a parable for the present time, and a warning for how things could turn.

"Now more than ever, we need to know the path our world is taking," says Moskowitz. "The Lattice Society shows one path, expanding the limits of the comic genre and challenging the ability for society to communicate without words."

The Lattice Society is a wordless comic book series and is being released simultaneously in comic form as well as an animated, motion comic video.  Check it out:

Moskowitz created the sound and music, with Nacho Del Cerro and Lourdes Gonzalo animating the comic. 

The Lattice Society #1 is out now as a digital comic, with a limited print run planned in the future.

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