Ikaruga XBLA is "horrible", says top player

The current top rated Ikaruga Xbox Live Arcade player has directed a white and black laser beam of hate at the Treasure remake, calling the Arcade version "a horrible port".

The Japanese player, GamertagKingoro58k, put up with the port long enough to get to the number one slot, but writes on his Gamertag bio (in Japanese): "The XBLA version of Ikaruga is a horrible port. This isn't Ikaruga, this is Ikaruga LOL."

Apparently, the reason for the Ikaruga XBLA hate (according to theinternet) is a number of subtle changes in the Arcade version that have pissed off the hardcore shooter players.

These are changes like different enemy placement from the Dreamcast version, and one of the boss's lasers comes round the opposite way. You can't please everyone.

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Courtesy of CVG

Apr 17, 2008