Niche filled: there's a Scottish wrestling game on the way

Life is Strange opened new storytelling doors with its depiction of teenage life. Her Story introduced the crime procedural to gamer thinking. 2015 has been a good year for niche prospects, proof that the world of gaming is ready for more challenging ideas. In 2016, we will have a new subject to dwarf the importance of either of these: Glaswegian professional wrestling.

ICW: Fear and Loathing - The Game will bring Scotland's Insane Championship Wrestling to Xbox One, PS4 and Steam. According to the game's website, "this marks the first time in history a UK promotion has entered the video game market and it may well be the first time an Independant wrestling promotion anywhere in the world has made its way on to Xbox and PlayStation."

As far as wrestling games go, it actually sounds legit. The game's Facebook page sets out a promising manifesto: "The majority of wrestling games have really just been fighting games with wrestlers. ICW: Fear & Loathing - The Game is heavily influenced by the THQ/AKI wrestling games on the N64 and will thus be representative of a proper wrestling game."

Here's a teaser trailer:

Yes, we know that it looks a little... underpowered for new-gen consoles, but the developers have an answer for that, too: "The graphics, like every other area of the game will be improved and refined over time." Here's hoping.

Of course, the real mark of quality would be if the game satisfies those most in the know about its setting. I spoke to GamesRadar's resident Scot, Louise Blain, to get a statement: "Oh good, I'm so glad people not from Glasgow can experience the sticky-floored delights of the Garage nightclub without the accompanying smell of student sadness. Oh, wait, you didn't want a comment on the wrestling itself, did you?"

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Joe Skrebels
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