I Am Fish is the soggier and even more action packed follow-up to I Am Bread

I Am Fish is the official follow-up to physics-based comedy game I Am Bread, and its reveal trailer shows off some of the surprising ways you can cause chaos as a literal fish out of water.

The trailer shows off the four fish pals you'll be able to guide from Barnardshire (a fictional English town that's a recurring setting for Bossa Studios games) to their final destination of the nearby coast: the humble goldfish, who I'm pretty sure is not supposed to live in saltwater but whatever; the inflatable pufferfish who can roll across dry land with ease; the bitey-grabby piranha, and the majestically soaring flying fish.

Each fish's special abilities will help you navigate the world while sowing discord in your wake. Whichever one you pick, it looks like you'll start off in a bowl which the fish can somehow roll around Super Monkey Ball style. When you're ready to start swimming in a bigger pond (or flopping around on the pavement) you can smash your bowl open and proceed on fin. Even a moderately deep puddle can become a safe harbor as you plan your escape route through town and around hazards like hostile wildlife and deep fryers.

Bossa Studios and Curve Digital plan to bring I Am Fish to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S sometime this summer, with a public demo rolling out on June 16.

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