Hytale is no longer launching in 2023

(Image credit: Hypixel)

Construction survival sim Hytale isn’t launching in 2023 as previously planned.

As first reported by RPS, Hytale’s developer published a lengthy Summer 2022 Development Update article over the past weekend. Chief among the updates was the reveal that Hytale won’t be launching in 2023 because its development team are only going and rebuilding its game engine.

Simply put, Hytale’s team has decided to redevelop the entire game - both the client and the server - in a brand new coding language. In the future, Hytale will be written in C++ instead of C#, chiefly because it allows Hytale to launch across multiple platforms with added ease when it eventually arrives.

Other benefits of the coding language change include better performance and the fact that it’s easier to patch post-launch and release new updates. Hytale’s modding community is also a significant factor in the language change, as the developer believes the switch opens up more avenues for the community to code.

Hytale is one incredibly ambitious game. While it might appear to be a Minecraft-like complete with blocky construction and survival mechanics, it offers so much more, allowing players to create entire procedurally generated worlds, create and play their own minigames, or even make their own games like RPGs.

These ambitions are matched only by its development period: Hytale was first unveiled back in 2020 and was billed as the “next generation of the block game” at the time by Edge Magazine. Hypixel, the new game's developer, was purchased by Riot Games just months after this initial reveal but stated that it would continue to operate independently as it made Hytale. 

Just earlier this year we saw Hytale in-progress shots from developer Hypixel themselves, showing off the latest on the blocky sandbox game. 

Hirun Cryer

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