How Sony can make PSP2 even better

The prospect of playing a full-fat version of Metal Gear Solid 4 on PSP2 has me filling my pantaloons with some sort of substance unsuitable for civilised conversation. What’s potentially even more pantaloon-filling, though, is the concept of having a console and a handheld where you can start a game on the former and continue playing it on the latter during your daily commute… for free! Below, we suggest what Sony can learn from Blu-ray bundles and why it could transform the way PS3 and PSP2 interact with each other.

Over the last year or so, the shiny HD format has started to become available in Triple Packs. For a few pounds/dollars more, you get the same movie on BD with a DVD version and digital copy thrown in, too. Now, obviously DVD is close to becoming a redundant format (although don’t tell that to my Indiana Jones trilogy). But the idea of buying a Blu-ray, and then entering a code on iTunes to get a (essentially free) version of the film for you phone, is a concept Sony could potentially exploit with PS3 and its upcoming handheld. Eh, obviously minus the iTunes bit.

Above:Considering the loyal backing Sony has given the format, we wouldn't be surprised if it had been involved in the Triple Play concept in some fashion

Think about it. Say, for example, you bought Killzone 4 for your PS3. Now, what if you could pay an extra 10% on top of the standard retail version price, for a bundle pack that would include a code which would redeem a copy for PSP2 via the PS Store? This version would even be able to read your PS3 saves and include Trophy support.

Above: Nate speaks the truth... just keep your digits crossed the price is under £300/$300

Just imagine getting to a difficult part of a game that you have to tear yourself way from due to work/school commitments. With the above system, you could transfer your PS3 save onto your handheld and continue from the same point, but on the bus/toilet/unicycle. Thanks to PSP2’s confirmed Trophy support, twin sticks and mightily impressive specs, you’d also essentially be getting parity between the versions.

So what do you think? Would you be in favour of what we’ve proposed above? Would you be perfectly happy to part with a little extra moolah for a game if it meant getting a portable version for your PSP2 thrown in? Are you onboard with the idea of sharing the same game experience between two platforms? Share your juicy braaaaaiiiinn-endorsed thoughts with us in the comments section.

Jan 27, 2011

David Meikleham
Google AMP Stories Editor

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