How It's Done: Sega answers your questions about Yakuza 5

Never count Sega out. Whenever it starts to seem that the wild spirit of the publishers Japanese developers has disappeared for good, a game like Yakuza 5 appears. The new RPG for PlayStation 3 almost feels like a Sega greatest hits compilation. Not only is it a new chapter in the life of stoic mobster Kazuma Kiryu, but it's a collection of small games pulled from Sega's history. Fishing, racing, even a full version of Virtua Fighter 2 is in here. It's no easy task bringing a giant game like this to the US which is why we're joining Atlus' John Hardin and Sega's Sam Mullen for a stream of the game. How is Yakuza 5 localized? Find out live at 4:30PM ET/1:30PM PT.

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