House Of Horrors gets a director


French director Xavier Gens (Frontiers) has been confirmed to direct paranormal movie James Wan's House Of Horror .

House Of Horror focuses on John Ascot who has been arrested on suspicion of murdering five of his friends.

He reveals that he and his friends were ghost hunting in an abandoned house when the killings occured.

He tells the police he was not responsible for the deaths of his friends and explains the haunted house is responsible for the gruesome killings.

Ascot believes the house is a gateway to hell and is possessed by the devil.

Gens is responsible for both the awesome Frontiers (essentially Texas Chain Saw Massacre in France) and the diabolical Hitman ( Leon if it was directed by a bear) .

We're hoping House Of Horror will be more like the former.

Saw and Insidious director James Wan will produce the movie but as yet the cast has not been confirmed.

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