Highlight of the Week: Now Mario's thinking with Portals

Got that Friday feeling? We have. In fact, I ate a Crunchie this morning to celebrate (who says marketing doesn't work?). Anyway, if it's Friday, that can only mean one thing - it's time for GamesRadar's Highlight of the Week. So let's do this. Just push play on the videomatic insta-window below and let your eyes enjoy our favourite moment from the past 7 days.

As you may have guessed, this isn't the real Super Mario Bros - it's a PC-emulated hack of it. Of course, this sort of thing is totally unauthorised and the guy responsible is more likely to be getting a 'Cease and Desist' order from Miyamoto than a Christmas card, but it's just so damn awesome, we simply had to share it.

You can see the whole 1-1 walkthrough here. Kinda makes our video of how Mario might have looked if Miyamoto had run with his original idea of a ray gun and jet pack a tad redundant. Not to mention this mod's rumoured 4-player co-op mode. The world's gone mad!

02 Sep, 2011

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