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Hospital Tycoon review

Run an empire built on a writhing heap of rotting bodies, with the ultimate endgame of dumping wealth into your Jacuzzi


  • Juggling tasks
  • from doctor to janitor
  • Sparking professional love
  • Forging an efficient healing factory


  • The Disney-esque humor cheese
  • The greasy lounge music
  • The lack of replay value

To the 45 million citizens who don’t have health insurance: please accept our most corporate condolences. Everyday we pray that a fluke highway four-car demolition won’t shackle you to an emergency room; then a wheelchair; then a $100,000 bill.

And to show how much we care, we’ll be reviewing Hospital Tycoon: a game that reminds us that healthcare is a business of compassion - a loving empire fueled by new drugs to inject into the newly-diseased.

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DescriptionIt's The Sims meets Grey's Anatomy in this hospital management soap opera extravaganza.