Horizon: Zero Dawn round up - what does everyone think of Guerrilla's open world adventure?

The embargo's up on Guerrilla's open world sci-fi RPG and, while you can read our Horizon: Zero Dawn review here, what does the world in general make of it? 

Scores are high for Horizon: Zero Dawn and Metacritic's currently rocking an 88 average but what is everyone saying about Sony's latest? Let's take a look at some of various facets - such as combat, the world and creatures - and what people think from around the internet. 

Horizon Zero Dawn's robots, from Eurogamer (no score)

"They're brilliantly designed, Tomy's Zoids toyline of the 80s given oh-so-fashionable orange and teal makeovers and complete with beautifully evocative names such as Thunderjaw and Sawtooth. They've more personality than the rest of the cast combined, and the encounters with them that form the backbone of Horizon Zero Dawn see the game firing on all cylinders. It's here where Aloy's moveset is pushed to the fore, and she's a more than able star; there's the poise of Lara, with a little of Vanquish's flair folded in too as you slide from encounter to encounter, crafting new ammo as you go. When it all comes together, Horizon: Zero Dawn can be electric."

Horizon Zero Dawn's combat, from Gamespot (9/10)

"Combat owns the spotlight. This excitement comes from Aloy's ability to leap out of harm's way and bound right back into action, but her arsenal of weapons are the special ingredients that give you the ability to topple massive robotic monsters with power and style. You start with a simple bow and arrows, but you eventually gain access to elementally charged bolts, slingshots that lob explosives, and an assortment of traps that can surprise or constrict unsuspecting enemies.

Juggling these tools mid-fight is made easy by a weapon wheel that opens with the tilt of the right analog stick and slows down time to give you a moment to plan. It's simple to get the hang of, and you never have to put yourself in too much danger when looking for your weapon of choice; you can still run, dodge, and jump while accessing the wheel. Dodge-rolling between enemies, turning around, and jumping to deliver a critical blow while drawing and aiming your bow in slow-motion never gets old."

Horizon Zero Dawn's hero, Aloy, from IGN (9.3/10)

"Aloy’s personality helped me care about her journey on a more personal level. Nimbly voiced by Ashly Burch (known for her performance as Borderlands 2’s Tiny Tina), she’s a charming character to watch and play as because of the wry wit that tempers her big-hearted heroism; some of my favourite smaller moments came from Aloy’s sarcastic interactions with other characters who didn’t get the joke. Though you have some say on the way she responds to situations in the interests of dialogue flavour, she remains largely a well-intentioned character, which is in step with Horizon’s broader story."

Horizon Zero Dawn's crafting, from Polygon (9.5/10)

"Combat is only one part of a cycle in Horizon Zero Dawn: You stock up on supplies to take down a foe, you fight that enemy, then you harvest its metal insides and use those parts to craft new weapons and armor and more supplies for taking on the next giant machine you come across. It's a tried-and-true formula, something popularized in series like Monster Hunter, but it's never been pulled off with the AAA polish and approachability that's on display here. If 'approachability' reads to you as 'less depth,' you're not wrong, but it's a trade-off that works to Horizon's advantage."

Horizon Zero Dawn's weapons, from The Guardian (4/5)

"Overcoming each type of robotic adversary demands a different tactical approach, so thankfully the player has a suitably varied and versatile arsenal to call upon. The spear and bow are your go-to short- and long-range damage dealers, augmented by the shotgun-like Rattler and bomb-disposing sling. More interesting – and essential against larger or multiple machines – are the Tripcaster and Ropecaster. The former allows Aloy to string out incapacitating tripwire traps on the fly, while the latter fires out lengths of rope that can be used to pin down more agile aggressors."

Horizon: Zero Dawn's world, from Kotaku (no score)

"Where Horizon blew me away was in the majestic and untamed beauty of its canyons, mountains, and open fields. I often found myself booting up Horizon’s robust photo mode just to take stock of it all. This generation has seen its fair share of gorgeous games, sure, but the artistry at work here is staggering. The mere act of walking through this lavish world is enough to make me fall in love with individual rocks and clouds. Horizon provides a compelling case for how, in the right hands, computing power can be leveraged to bring a setting to life. Each area feels distinct and lively through a combination of art direction, and the unique dinosaurs roaming the biomes." 

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