Home On The Range review

Disney's last 2-D animated feature - - the company intends to release only Pixar-stylee films at cinemas from now on - - is a simplistic feelgooder that does the job without ever threatening greatness.

When the doddery old dear at the Patch of Heaven dairy farm is faced with eviction, three not-so-silly moos - - led by firebrand tenderfoot Maggie (Roseanne Barr) - - cook up a mission: to capture a notorious cattle rustler and use the reward money to save the farm. The story chugs along cheerfully, with plenty of opportunities for the kids to cheer at skin-of-the-teeth escapes and boo at the dastardly bad guy who hypnotises critters with some gloriously bizarre, psychedelic yodelling.

Even the songs are passable and thoughtfully spaced out around fresh, funny voicework (Barr's sneery drawl suits Maggie perfectly). But it could have used a few more parent-level gags, while the nominal hero - suave stallion Buck (Cuba Gooding Jr) - is too incidental for kids to root for. It's no Finding Nemo but - thankfully - - no Brother Bear either.

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