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Hitman's next episode looks lovely - too bad about all the murder & bio-weapons

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The Sapienza coast

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A secret research lab

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Surely no one will notice this conspicuous body dumping

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Short sleeves are all the rage in assassin fashion

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 Agent 47 will visit the beautiful Italian coastal town of Sapienza when episode 2 of Hitman rolls out. But where most people would be content with drinking in the sights and sampling the local cuisine, 47 will be discovering ever-more complex methods of murder and discovering the dastardly secrets the town's sleepy visage hides, like the bad guys you'll be assassinating, and a bio-weapons research lab.

Sapienza may not be a real place, but you can still visit it when it launches on April 26 by purchasing the complete Hitman experience for $60/£45 or as a standalone chunk of content for $10/£8.

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