A complete history of Pokemon box art

Pokmon Conquest | 2012

A classic box art configuration, visual shorthand for empirical feuding, with opposing sides divided by Nobunaga (aka gamings favourite warlord) and his glowing-eyed Zekrom. We particularly like how Conquests designers colour-coordinate pokmon and their trainers, as demonstrated here. And its nice to see first generation pokmon Jigglypuff, Articuno and Mewtwo being enrolled for cover duties.

Pokmon Black 2 and White 2 | 2012

The first numbered sequels in the main series, the box arts also represent a significant series first by using the same pokmon, Kyurem, for both covers. The legendary pokmon appears in its black and white forms on the respectively coloured versions, which is in contrast to the first Black and White titles which polarised the pokmon/version colour. The black cover with its shots of electric blue is particularly striking, while the white heat of the opposing version struggles to make the same kind of impact.

After the fairly subdued post-third generation covers, its great to see Sugimori choose a more expressive pose for Kyurem. Easily one of the best main series covers for some time.

Pokmon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity | 2012

Good news! There's a Pokmon game on the 3DS! Bad news! It's... another Mystery Dungeon game. Featuring a bunch of Pokmon wearing bows and scarves, the box art is great for the millions of people who want to dress up their pocket monsters like Freddy from Scooby Doo.

Pokmon X and Y | 2013

And we arrive, in 2013, on the most recent release in the Pokmon franchise. Pokmon X brings with it a tall, blue deer legendary with a complicated name that starts with an X, whereas Y includes a red, flying Pokmon that looks a little like a Y if you squint and tilt your head.

The themes of creation and destruction are hinted at briefly, but the real change to the franchise--the jump to 3D--is the real joke here. Get it? X and Y axis? 3D? You get it. We all get it. It's a great joke.

Caught 'em all?

There we are. A history of Pokmon box art. Do you have a favourite Pokmon cover? Or perhaps theres one you have irrational feelings of hate for? Either way, if you feel compelled to comment, please do so in the comments section.

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