Highlight of the Week: Breakdancing? I HATE breakdancing!

With the incandescent Deus Ex: Human Revolution undoubtedly the highlight of this week's game releases, we thought it only appropriate that it feature in our official, fully sanctioned, fully-a-bit-silly Highlight of the Week video too. But how to find something suitable in such a serious cyberpunk masterpiece?

Fortunately, Deus Ex provided handsomely. It seems that cybernetically-enhanced security consultants care not for the ways of street dance, or its self-righteous practioners...

Thanks to analogmarz for the original source vid.

August 26, 2011

HOTW: Extreme horseplay
So excited we fear he might burst

HOTW: Now THAT is an introduction

HOTW: Very awkward water cooler moment
Just a couple of Joes shooting the breeze