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High School Musical: The Movie!

Sometimes the news is surprising, sometimes it’s somewhat inevitable. This one definitely falls into the latter camp, with The Disney Channel deciding to make not one but two sequels to the TV movie that will earn the company $100 million in profits in the 2006/2007 financial year.

Yes, High School Musical is becoming a franchise. You could knock us over with a feather.

The only slightly shocking element is that whereas High School Musical 2 will be a straight to TV affair like its big sister, High School Musical 3 will get a widespread cinematic release.

Haunted High School Musical was announced by Disney Channel and Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, and will have a Halloween theme (though not, we imagine, of the Michael Myers sort, which is a crossover we’d like to see).

As yet, cast and crew haven’t been confirmed, but we certainly hope Ryan and all of his chums will be onboard, in time for the 2008 release.