High School Musical 3: Senior Year review

The one with the annoying kids and the dancing

Five stars. Film of the year. Better than the first two combined…

Yes, TF’s 13-year-old correspondent was slightly impressed by the continuing saga of the most beloved school this side of Hogwarts. Older viewers, though, may be gobsmacked for different reasons – how did a series so anodyne expand from the Disney Channel to the biggest advance sales in UK box office history? Put it partly down to the feathery good looks of leading man-boy Zac Efron, back alongside the rest of the East High gang.

Then there’s the sheer volume, colour and stage-brat exuberance that breezes the wispy plot (will the last spring musical come together?) from one forgettable hi-energy dance number to the next. None of which makes HM3 much good – but if this film were any more down with the kidz we’d be paging PC Plod.

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DescriptionMake your dreams come true and lovingly touch/punch Zack Efron with your stylus. The game has universal appeal.
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor ratingRating Pending