Here's Stardew Valley, but it's Australia and the crocodiles are trying to eat you

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If you've ever wanted to play Stardew Valley but without the safety net of a setting isolated from the deadly creatures fabled to roam the deserts of Australia, the newly released Dinkum might just be the outback-themed farming RPG you've been looking for.

In Dinkum (it's a word, look it up), you take control of a homestead on an island bearing a strong resemblance to the Australian outback. You'll build a farm, cultivate crops, and raise animals - but while those livestock options include cows and chickens, you can also raise giant wombats.

The wilderness is filled with deadly creatures like crocodiles, and even the kangaroos will beat you up as you either fight back or try to catch them with traps. There's also a pile of bugs, fish, and minerals to collect, which you can either sell or use for your own personal museum collection.

There's a bit of Animal Crossing here alongside the Stardew Valley flavor, as you can build up a town that will slowly draw in visitors who may move in permanently or even set up businesses there. You can craft items to beautify your town, New Horizons-style, and you can take similar do-it-yourself steps to decorate your own home.

Dinkum is currently available in Early Access on Steam at a 10% launch discount, bringing the price down to $17.99 / £13.49 / €15.11. It's currently set to stay in Early Access for at least a year, during which time more villagers will be added, activities like hunting, farming, and diving will be expanded, and new items and collectables will be added.

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