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Here and Now Indie: Fotonica

Cost: $4.99
Buy it (or try it) here

We’re on a bit of an arcade running kick as of late, what with the indie greatness that is Runner 2. But there’s another running game out there that deserves your attention--one played from the first-person perspective, with vector graphics akin to Rez. It’s called Fotonica, and it’s one of the best one-button running games around.

This futuristic runner plops you into a stark wireframe world, making you sprint across segmented train tracks and through polygonal forests at incredible speeds. All the while, your ears will be caressed by driving synth music. Watch the trailer, download the demo, buy it, whatever--just make sure you see it in motion, because it’s truly a sight to behold.

We want to make your Saturdays better, and the best way to do that is recommend a great, easy-to-acquire indie game. If you’re looking for something fun to play, Here and Now Indie marks the end of your search.

Lucas Sullivan is the former US Managing Editor of GamesRadar+. Lucas spent seven years working for GR, starting as an Associate Editor in 2012 before climbing the ranks. He left us in 2019 to pursue a career path on the other side of the fence, joining 2K Games as a Global Content Manager. Lucas doesn't get to write about games like Borderlands and Mafia anymore, but he does get to help make and market them.