Harrison: It's all going well

Thursday 3 August 2006
Phil Harrison, Executive Vice President of SCEE, has been speaking about PS3 and how things have been progressing as we approach the November launch and he believes that "it's all going well".

Talking to the Guardian he stated that Sony is "in full swing, from a developer point of view, and over 10,000 development kits have been shipped. Developers now have final hardware in their hands, though there will be some upgrades to the operating system - there's nothing unusual about that. The new controller is now in developers' hands, so all the pieces of the puzzle are there".

Sony are currently receiving a fair amount of negative press with speculation about the high launch price and cost of developing for it, so Harrison was eager to get the message across that thing are going according to plan.

Things are also coming together in terms of third party support with Harrison declaring that more than 100 games are in development. That, combined with 100 Blu-ray movies available (currently only in the US), leaves Harrison confident that PS3 will be a huge success.