Hard Corps: Uprising video – Full Access Preview

In today’s FAP, Matt, Mikel , Brett and Chris enter the Hard Corps: Uprising! And yeah… we got our asses kicked pretty quickly. However, we’d say they were kicked in a good way. Dare we say… that old Contra way? Man, if only this was a Contra game! With its brutal grid patterns of deadly gunfire, familiar sound effects and reminiscent gameplay, Hard Corps: Uprising would’ve fit perfectly into the Contra canon. But this downloadable title is published by Konami. So, if it were a Contra game, I’m sure someone would’ve told us so. Such a shame… Either way, have a look - the game hits PSN/XBLA Wednesday!

Feb 14, 2011

A JRPG about the console wars with pervy overtones? Truly, a FAP in every sense!

Mario Sports Mix video - Full Access Playthrough
How do we soothe the pain inflicted by Mario’s most uninspired game in recent memory? With some Hyper-Serious Sportscaster Commentary! WHAMMY!!

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