Hands on with Burnout Legends

Criterion and EA could so easily have just ported over a version of Burnout Revenge. You'd expect them too. But then they clearly understand people aren't going to buy a game for their PSP that they already have on PS2. Identical games for console and handheld just don't make sense.

That said, Criterion hasn't exactly constructed an entirely new game either.

Burnout Legends, as the name sort of suggests, is a combination of the best bits of the old games. Like Ridge Racer, Burnout Legends offers the best tracks from each game in the franchise.

Looks-wise, it's clearly Burnout 3 all the way. It makes fine use of this graphical style and Takedowns are evident. It's the brash, combat-driven game that Burnout 3 was that's on offer here, not the calmer, more precision-based, boost-linking Burnout 2.

As you'd expect, Burnout Legends makes use of PSP's wireless capabilities, but not just for multiplayer gaming.

There's a Pokemon-esque collection feature, where, to get all the cars available, people have to hook up and trade. Each copy of Burnout Legends comes with a unique selection of cars and only by sharing with other players will you 'catch them all'.

Burnout Legends also has a game share function. Should a friend not have a copy of the game, you can play a one level multiplayer demo using the game share facility. Which is a nice way of letting other PSP owners see what they're missing out on.

Burnout Legends is due for release this Septemeber for PSP