Halo Infinite blue screen error prevents early access but here's how to fix it

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Halo Infinite blue screen error is keeping players from jumping in and playing the newly released multiplayer beta, but it should be resolved soon.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer early release means you don't need to wait until December 8 to start playing through Season 1: Heroes of Reach; however, players across both Xbox consoles and PC have reported troubles with accessing the game after its surprise debut. The official Halo Support Account addressed the issue, saying that the actual beta build of the game is moving through its systems right now. 

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Several members of the GamesRadar+ staff ran into the Halo Infinite blue screen error when we tried to launch the Halo Infinite beta across both PC and console; however, it looks like downloads are starting now. If you're still left staring at a blue screen, try resetting your system to kickstart the update, or if that doesn't work you could manually uninstall the small placeholder file and reinstall Halo Infinite.

Once the Halo Infinite blue screen error issue is resolved, you'll be able to jump right into the beta version of the multiplayer game. All of the progress and customizations you make during the beta will transfer directly over to the full version of Halo Infinite multiplayer when it goes live on December 8, and the first season is set to run through May 2022.

Along with debuting the surprise launch for all, Microsoft also debuted the first teaser trailer for the Halo TV series featuring a glimpse of Master Chief donning his trademark armor.

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