Half-Life 2: Will Alyx die?

This brand new trailer for Half-Life 2: Episode Two hints at a tragic turn in the series' storyline - will Alyx shortly be pushing up daisies? A few seconds in and you'll see Half-Life 2's lovely leading lady in the arms of a Vortigant character who laments, "This is more than anyone can bear," before carefully laying down her motionless body. Is she dead? Is she unconscious? The creators have said thatsomeone's gonna diebefore the three Half-Life 2 episodes conclude; could this be what they were talking about?

You'll have a chance to see Episode Two's totally new setting too. Your new adventure will take place in the more freeform environment of a nearby forest base. The Combine will roll out a new robot enemy for you too: the Hunter, which you can see lunging in to attack at the end of the trailer.

If you haven't finishedEpisode One, don't worry; this teaser video is just that, a tease, and not a proper spoiler. It's just to keep your interest up until the next chapter appears later this year.

June 5, 2006