Half-Life 2: Episode Two gameplay leaks

Half-Life 2: Episode Two has hit the Leipzig Game Convention in a massive fashion today, with a glut of movies for the game, plus gameplay footage from both the astounding Portal and fun-looking Team Fortress 2.

There are five brand new doses of Episode Two in motion, giving us a glimpse into the game's fresh location and challenges. Trailer one shows some brilliant underground action, with an alien Vortigaunt helping Freeman out with his electro-attacks and choke-slamming an Antlion. Trailer two has Gordon battling a Myrmidont boss through the warren-like tunnels of an Antlion nest.

The other three clips have Freeman dodging attacks from a gunship while speeding down an abandoned railway, facing off against an attack helicopter in a train depot, and battling a brace of Hunters, the new mini-strider enemy. It's all breakneck stuff, suggesting that Episode Two's more open forest-like environments will give you very few places to hide and rest your battle-shaken nerves.