Hairy horror for Del Toro

Everyone ready for the inevitable slew of howlingly bad puns now that Benicio Del Toro has been cast in a remake of classic horror film The Wolf Man? Ready to sink your teeth into the story?

Universal has decided that it can continue to dig into its back catalogue of horror stories to find fresh meat for the remake monster. The latest property to be dusted off and slapped on the development plate is 1941’s The Wolf Man. Benicio Del Toro will inherit the role made famous by Lon Chaney Jr, with the Victorian English setting kept intact. Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en) is already hard at work on the script, which will see a sturdy British type (Del Toro) returning to his homeland after an American trip. Things turn scare-shaped when he’s bitten by a werewolf and starts behaving in a distinctly beastly fashion. Walker has added in some extra plot twists, one or two new characters and - surprise, surprise - moments that will let Hollywood’s finest effects gurus show their stuff. Someone get Rick Baker on the phone now.

It’s Del Toro’s dream project, apparently- he’s a collector of Wolf Man memorabilia. There’s no director attached yet, but we’re already working on this on your behalf: we’ve arranged for Van Helsing helmer Stephen Sommers to be accidentally buried several miles below the surface of the Earth. You know, just in case he considers going for the job.

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