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So this is what Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters Netflix series looks like

We know Guillermo del Toro can do magical fantasy worlds and weird monsters without breaking a sweat, so a Netflix show along those lines? In.

Trollhunters isn't exactly going to be dark and moody though, as this image makes clear (via Screenrant (opens in new tab)). Instead the show is based on a young adult novel del Toro wrote which will now be brought to life by Netflix. And considering Netlflix's form recently, its involvement is another reason to get excited. DreamWorks will be handling the actual animation. It's quite good too.

The actual story focuses a town called Arcadia that built on top of a world full of trolls. In the book, events then follow a running battle between the two sides. It had originally been lined up as a Disney feature film but that deal fell through (del Toro just can't catch a break, can he?) before the move to DreamWorks, and now the Netflix signing.

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