Guild Wars Factions

Fresh images continue to leak out of the continent of Cantha, the land of Guild Wars Factions, the second chapter of the massively-multiplayer online role-playing game.

Put away your credit cardsafter you've taken Factions home from the store, this revolutionary MMO doesn't require a paid subscription. Better still, new players can jump straight into this second Guild Wars campaign without owning the original. Of course, existing players can bring their characters from the original continent of Tyria, or start with one of the freshly available classes: the Assassin or the Ritualist.

As the new classes might suggest, Factions is set in an Asian-flavored land of far-eastern architecture on the continent of Cantha, beset with intrigue. Densely packed with new creatures, weapons and armor, Cantha is the perfect place to explore with your guildmates - or go looking for a scrap with enhanced player vs player features.

Guild Wars Factions will be released worldwide on April 28, 2006.

April 18, 2006