Guess Who's Presenting Buzzcocks? (Update)

David Tennant will be the a guest host Never Mind The Buzzcocks in the coming weeks, regular panelist Phil Jupitus has revealed on his Twitter page . The show airs at 10pm on BBC2 on Wednesdays, and internet rumour suggests the Tennant episode will be 25 November (and not tonight as we incorrectly posted earlier), and will then become probably the most downloaded episode of the show on iPlayer ever.

What are the odds on:

* Tennant "comically" materialising in the host's seat to the TARDIS sound effect?
* Doctorin' The TARDIS cropping up at some point?
* The Proclaimers making an appearance/getting a mention?
* Somebody doing a Dalek impression?
* A Bille Piper song turning up in the lyrics round (or somebody making a "Because We Want To Reference")?