GTA IV teaser appears on TV

Forum trolls across America have been reporting that a GTA teaser trailer was shown from 2:00am to 2:30am EST on the FX channel's infomercial slot.

What's intriguing about the ad is the way it mimicked the holding page you see at the officialsiteand then... well that's it. It did nothing else. According to those who saw it (insomniacs and night shift workers by the sound of it) it displayed the GTA IV logo and a countdown ticked away in the background. At the end of the half hour the usual 'Not Yet Rated' voice was heard and the trailer ended.

Rockstar Games have confirmed it was an official trailer. To get an idea of the experience, head over to the official site and see if you can stick it out for half an hour.

Above: An artist's interpretation of the elusive trailer

March 22, 2007