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GTA IV box art revealed

After months of showing off a simple white logo on a black background, Rockstar Games finally unveiled the real box art for Grand Theft Auto IV today on the game'sofficial website. Sporting the series' traditional comic book-style layout with a new, more realistic art style than any of the previous GTAs, the box doesn't tell us anything we didn't already know - but it does have us salivating over the prospect of car-crime mayhemagain after the relative drought of information that followed the game's delay to early 2008.

While we're all waiting for early 2008 to roll around, click the Images tab aboveto seea bigger version of the art, hit up the official site'sdownloads pagefor wallpaper-sized versions, or look below for a videoshowing how the art was created. The website also promises a new trailer for Dec. 6; expect to see anotherfull dissection when it hits.