GTA is good for your brain

At last. Real scientific evidence that GTA is good for brains: according to the scientific lab boffins at FKF Applied Research and the UCLA Ahmanson Lovelace Brain Mapping Center, squishy skull-encased sponges simply love GTA. Or, at least, they digthis spoof ad for Coca Cola.

In an experiment to record the effectiveness of adverts during the recent Super Bowl, it was discovered that the amusing GTA -inspired ad was one of the "best testing" and "fired the region of consumers' brains associated with positive emotions," reportsDailyTech.

With this foolproof evidence to hand, we're sure that we can expect to see more ads jumping on the bandwagon... expect Manhunt Happy Meals to be hitting a McDonalds near you soon. Maybe.

Above: Brain imaging has previously been used to measure noggin activity of gamers playing non-violent and violent games. Interesting stuff

February 7, 2007