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GR’s Weekend Giveaway: Final Fantasy XIV Online Collector’s Editions!

Above: You%26rsquo;ll have the option to use this special Security Token when you activate your account. It%26rsquo;s supposed to help protect your account and personal information

Above: You can redeem your Right of Passage voucher to receive a fully personalized right of passage certificate. It%26rsquo;s especially nice for the super hardcore fans

In addition to a Buddy Pass, which will let a friend play free for a limited time, you%26rsquo;ll also get a code that can be redeemed for an Onion Helm, which quickens recovery after a KO.

The official lore on the Onion Helm: Traditionally presented by families to their children before sending them on their life%26rsquo;s journey, the blue, onion-shaped helm fell out of favor when adventuring lost its popularity, as more and more young men and women chose to live out their days within the protective walls of the city-states. However, thanks to the recent influx of fledgling adventurers, for the first time in eleven generations, the quaint headgear has begun to make a comeback.

Above: The opening movie for Final Fantasy XIV. You can browse through more screenshotshere

To enter, just leave a comment on this article by 9:00 am (Pacific Time) on Tuesday, October 5. You can read our official contest ruleshere.

Good luck!

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Oct 2, 2010