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Grisly Disney

As you’re probably aware by now, smoking was not uncommon in Disney cartoons. Why? Because smoking was common in society. Still is… for now.

How to Have an Accident at Work | 1959

Donald plays an accident prone factory worker who can’t keep his fingers out of the machinery. Among the many other mishaps that put him on the brink of death:

Donald’s Happy Birthday | 1949

And here’s an even nastier portrayal of smoking. And Donald for that matter!

Yeah… The Don catches his nephews with a box of cigars and decides to punish them… by forcing them to smoke all of them. Sure, that’s a parenting technique that would land you in prison today, but even back then Donald took being an asshole to new heights.


If you put a gun to our heads and made us choose one reason why we pity the youth of today, it’s that they’ll never know the beauty of a suicide gag.

Clown of the Jungle | 1947

A comical bird avoids retribution by constantly attempting suicide.

Above: What brand is that?

Donald’s Dilemma | 1947

In a storyline more appropriate for Fred Flintstone, Donald gets hit on the head and becomes an overnight singing sensation (It could happen!). However, this leaves Daisy alone and forgotten.

Wow, talk about options! And things get even more disturbing when Daisy starts inflicting self pain.

Above: Please get some help, Daisy

Plutopia | 1951

Pluto dreams of a cat that fulfills all his wishes. Things turn ugly when the noble pup refuses to bite him.

The Old Army Game | 1943

An enlisted Donald senses he’s done for, then spies a gun in a superior officer’s pocket.