Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters video: Full Access Playthrough

So, the Green Lantern. A couple of us left the office with the lowest of expectations to see the movie last Friday. Lantern%26rsquo;s a tough property to adapt to screen, the trailer looked silly, and the early reviews treated it as if Ryan Reynolds latest attempt at superheroism would end the comic genre altogether. Not only did no one hate the movie - we all enjoyed the crap out of it! It was like we were seeing a completely different movie as the rest of the critics. We decided to take Green Lantern: Rise of the Something or Others (Manhunters) to see if maybe, just maybe, that too would defy our cynicism. Sometimes you gotta trust your gut... or at least decades of horrible precedent.

Maybe it%26rsquo;s an okay God of War clone when you get to know it, but this was so repetitive in our short time with it, we couldn%26rsquo;t stand it. And neither could the digital Ryan Reynolds. Note to developers: when a character in your own game openly mocks how monotonous the gameplay, maybe you should fix that instead of writing jokey dialogue around it.

Jun 23, 2011

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