GRAW 2 Multiplayer Strategy Blowout - Part One

Most shooter games just hand you a gun and yell, "Go!" But not GRAW 2.

The Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter series gives you options when it comes to multiplayer. You want a gun? Well, which one? The weapon load out screen's got dozens - pistols, heavy assault, grenade launchers, sniper rifles... and several real-life models within each category. Oh, and did we mention that your chosen soldier class - Rifleman, Grenadier, Sniper, etc - is going to affect exactly what type of equipment you can take with you?

It doesn't end there. You've got almost 20 multiplayer maps to battle on. You've got an array of customizable game modes and match rules that can make the same map play differently each time. You've got futuristic tools that encourage you to think, plan and strategize in addition to shoot. And you've got the decision of whether to work on your own or work as a team.

Overwhelmed yet? We were. Luckily, we knew just the guys to go to for help - the game's developers at Red Storm. We asked them for a focused strategy on how to master GRAW 2 's multiplayer.They responded with what they felt were the best battlefields and the smartest ways to play on them.

The right weapon, class, mode and team plan for the job... all are revealed, and illustrated with downloadable maps and custom video, on the following pages. If you're still confused after reading their tips, you just weren't paying attention.


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Other Options

Got a favorite map not on Red Storm's list? Not to worry. We've got you covered with blueprints for every Adversarial map. We even added our own hints for each one.Click hereto see and study them all in Part Two of our multiplayer feature.

Want to dissect the maps in greater detail? Supersize them, then download them byclicking throughto our Images page.

Need to analyze the walkthrough videos frame by frame? Check them out in full screen glory on our Movies tab byclicking here.