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Grand Theft Auto IV: Audio Q&A

What’s new about the radio stations and how they are assembled?

CC: The DJS have far more AI than previous titles. They know what time of day it is, what the weather is like and what’s going on in LC. They've even done their research on their playlists, some of their own tracks appears on them. In fact all the DJS are either famous singers or musicians (or both.) They have plenty to say about their chosen genre of music as they've lived it, loved it, or are living it.

Weasel News brings news to a whole new level. The broadcasts offer plenty of info on LC with up to date interactive bulletins of what is happening throughout the story.

The majority of the stations play dynamically, kind of like a massive Jukebox selecting tracks randomly, it works similar to SA radio, but with a larger number of tracks, DJ speech, commercials, idents, weather and news reports. In addition to the dynamic stations, Ivan tracked down some of the hottest DJ acts in NY to create exclusive mixes for certain stations.

As some tracks are pretty obscure and were very hard to find, the player doesn't have to do any leg work surfing for these tracks, simply tag the songs you like in your mobile phone using ZiT (GTA IV’s brand new feature ) preview the song via Amazon and buy it if you wish. It’s that easy.

Do any artists approach you hoping to be included?

CC: Yes, lots of artists (signed and unsigned) approach Rockstar Games for inclusion in the soundtracks. All material is listened to and taken on board if it fits the vibe of the current game.

What is your favorite radio station in the game?

CC: It has to be Vladivostok. This station has some of the most bizarre and fantastic Russian tracks I've ever heard. It really sets the mood for Niko and Roman and the first section of the game.

Apr 18, 2008