We answer all your MGS 5 questions in this (spoiler free) video

You've probably read our MGS 5 review by now, and may have questions. As our reviewer Dan Dawkins has pointed out, the game's massive and trying to condense it into one all encompassing appraisal is damn near impossible. There are hundreds of hours of gameplay, numerous branches and it might take months before we know everything.

In the meantime, why not ask Dan some questions as a man who's played 35+hours of the game so far. Ask away using the hashtag #MGSVQA on twitter. It'll all be spoiler free, too - no new footage or potentially ruinous plot info. There's also some stuff that's tied into NDAs that mean we can't talk about certain areas.

As long as you're cool with that (you are, right?) then join us here at 4pm GMT/8am PST to talk Metal Gear.

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