Gorgeous fan-made Mother 3 remake does what Nintendon’t

Curiomatic Mother 3 tribute
(Image credit: Curiomatic)

A collective of dedicated fans have released a stunning trailer for a fully-3D Mother 3 remake. Renamed Earthbound in the west, the Mother series’ beloved third GBA entry never made it out of Japan. Now, days after Mother 3’s producer has called for the 2006 game to come to the West, fans have released their own re-imagining of the lost RPG classic.

Sporting a gorgeous, Claymation-esque art style, this lovingly crafted trailer tribute recalls the artstyle of the Grezzo developed Link’s Awakening remake. Bringing the cutesy and colourful world of Nintendo’s bizarre RPG into the third dimension, it’s no surprise that the video has amassed over 100,000 views – and gushing praise – in less than 24 hours. 

This gorgeously animated tribute was created by a YouTube channel that celebrates video game art named, Curiomatic. Speaking to IGN about the painstaking recreation of key scenes using clay figures, illustrator Omni Jacala reveals that this trailer took a team of 22 over two years to create. Clay figures were famously used to promote the first two games in Japan, which led the team naturally to the Aardman-inspired Claymation approach.

The reveal is incredibly well-timed. Last week during a Nintendo Direct, Nintendo finally brought the first two games in the series to Nintendo Switch – known as Earthbound and Earthbound: Beginnings. Thanks to the huge amount of eyeballs directed to these games, Earthbound is enjoying a renewed period of relevance, with the games that inspired indie hit Undertale thrust into the spotlight once again.

It's a fact buoyed by the game’s producer Shinichi Kameoka stating he would “also love to see Mother 3 released in the US and Europe.” Yet with Nintendo rarely acknowledging the cult classic, few fans are holding out hope.

One of the few times Nintendo did publicly mention Mother 3 was during its meme-y Robot Chicken-produced E3 showing, resulting in former Nintendo of America president fire balling a games journalist to death – naturally. Look Reggie, if you see this article, we’re cool…right?

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