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Godfall isn't a "service game" even though it requires an always-on internet connection

(Image credit: Counterplay Games)

Godfall (opens in new tab) developer Counterplay Games has confirmed that players will need an always-on internet connection in order to play the upcoming game.

Responding to a question from a fan on Twitter, the official Godfall account confirmed that a note on the Sony website (opens in new tab) that stated "Online Play [is] required" was accurate, but insisted that while it "does require an internet connection to play", "Godfall is not a [live] service game".

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The news has chiefly been met with disappointment on social media, with some fans insisting (opens in new tab) that any game that requires an "always-on" connection is indeed a live service game, and others (opens in new tab) saying they will no longer be picking up the game when it launches next month (thanks, VG24/7 (opens in new tab)).

ICYMI, Godfall has gone gold, making it one of the first upcoming PS5 games (opens in new tab) to publicly lock in its progress and prepare for manufacturing.

As Connor explained at the time, Counterplay Games shared the news on its official Twitter account a couple of weeks back, the day after Godfall was confirmed (opens in new tab) to be a PS5 launch game (opens in new tab). It's an especially momentous occasion since the team was working on Godfall from home - an arrangement which has led to delays for many projects.

"Going gold" means the developers have locked in the content for the initial version of the game: the game as it stands at this moment is what will be sent to manufacturers and pressed onto Blu-ray discs. 

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