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God of War: The story so far

Still with us? Amazing. We move on to God of War 2, where things really start to kick off. Kratos, who should really see a therapist, is seeking his own kind of ‘closure’ by ransacking and torching Greece. The bods up in Mount Olympus are pissed, robbing Kratos of his divinity and sending the ruddy great Colossus of Rhodes to whack him.

The Colossus reduced to rubble, Zeus appears and reveals he’s the git behind the coup to oust our (anti) hero. He offers Kratos the chance to become his right-hand hitman, but when no-hair refuses, Zeus slays him. Hades once again beckons for the deposed God of War...

...until Kratos is unexpectedly rescued from a roasting by Gaia, mummy of the Titans. She offers our man an alliance to whack the Olympians. Firstly though, he has to seek out the Sisters of Fate and turn back the clock on his sordid past. Leaping on Pegasus, Kratos whinnies off into the sunset.

Much killing and maiming ensues, with famous Grecian types including Typhon, Prometheus, Theseus, Euryale, Perseus, Icarus and our old pal the Barbarian King all on the receiving end of Kratos’ bad attitude and even badder blades.

Armed with a slew of new god killing powers, Kratos arrives on the Island of Creation to ‘have a word’ with the Sisters of Fate. After a heart-to-heart with old enemy Atlas, he ends up mistakenly killing another pal – a Spartan messenger. Kratos is gutted, and almost dies at the hands of the monstrous Kraken. Inspired by a Gaia pep talk though, he mounts a Rocky-esque comeback...

After a jaunt on the back of a Phoenix, Kratos kicks seven shades out of the Sisters in a monumental multilayered boss scrap – culminating in him trapping them in their looms for all eternity. Thrown back to his fatal encounter with Zeus, but now armed with the Blade of Olympus, the two tough guys go at it again...

...culminating in poor Athena getting killed trying to protect Zeus before the great denouement that old white beard is, in fact, Kratos’ errant dadda. Zounds! DoesKratos give a toss? Does he heck, snarling that he ‘has no father’ and that: ‘If all on Olympus will deny me my vengeance, then all on Olympus will die!’ Zeus, suitably chastened, legs it. That sure told him.

Returning to the rapidly-failing Loom, Kratos returns to climactic moments of The Great War between the Olympians and the Titans. As Zeus desperately rallies pals like Poseidon, Hades and Apollo for the coming ruckus royale, they gaze over the edge of their stately pad – only to see Kratos riding atop Gaia as a gaggle of gigantic Titans hightail it up Mount Olympus.

Kratos yells out: ‘Zeus! Your son has returned! I bring the destruction of Olympus!’ It’s brown trousers time for wicked Zeus and his cronies, and the stage is set for a seismic showdown in God of War III.

We'll be posting our epic God of War III Super Review on Monday 8 March. That's this coming Monday. Don't miss it.

March 3, 2010

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