God of War PSP - do we care?

Dec 12, 2007

Sony has offloaded another lot of (tiny) God of War PSP screenshots and yes, it looks like God of War... on a handheld.See for yourself.

Above: So small and so full of rage

Frankly we're not convinced that there's much more to be done with the God of War series on last-gen hardware. Alright, it's pretty impressive that it's managed to squeeze the PS2's premier action series onto the PSP, but is anyone really interested in maneuvering Kratos on the bus? Surely the fantastic God of War II did pretty much everything the mythic brawler can without a SixAxis and 512MB of RAM. We fear Chains of Olympus is just going to tread old ground.

We'd love to be proven wrong, but until then we'll keep waiting for Kratos' debut on PlayStation 3.

Courtesy of CVG.