God of War II - new screens

There's a Thanksgiving tradition all across America - the most studly, well-respectedmember of the household is given a gigantic knife and an equally formidable fork and asked to ceremoniouslycleave the flesh of the family's roasted turkey from its bones in large,dripping slabs. In its own twisted way, it's one of a man's rites of passage.

God of War II hero Kratos is clearly not American - mostly because the US didn't exist yet in those days of swords and loincloths - buthe nonetheless displays the same instincts in this series of screens that Sony just fired over to us though the ether. He's all about finding the biggest winged creature he can and just tearing it apart.

Maybe he jumps onto its back, slices offa wing or two, stabs it in the neck until it gushes blood, and then literally throws it toward the ground - which one must admit is a fair bit of overkill. Or maybe he just bends its head so far back that it can scratch between its own shoulder blades with its nose. Either way, the man is mad, bad, and dangerous to encounter at cruising altitude. But don't just trust us - check out the screenshots and then look for "God of War II - Pegasus 02-07-07" after clicking our Movies tab above.

February 7, 2007

Eric Bratcher
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