God of War II - Colossus battle

Standing over 150 feet tall, Colossus is the focus of the first level, dominating the city of Rhodes by standing waist-high in the city%26rsquo;s harbour while Kratos scurries through the waterfront buildings. The whole levels works as an extended boss battle, with Kratos engaging Colossus directly at several stages and, in between, navigating his way through the crumbling city using his varied platforming skills.

The first time you see Colossus, the huge spooked statue glares with venom as Kratos is kept safe from his clutches, but occupied by the Roman troops. It%26rsquo;s a beautifully put-together moment as, even though the player%26rsquo;s attention is elsewhere, Colossus is constantly in frame, programmed to follow Kratos%26rsquo; every movement with his evil stare. If you were in any doubt of his sheer size the point is rammed home in no uncertain terms as a caravan-sized fist bursts through the wall. Then, later on, a giant foot plunges through the ceiling only to be forced away by Kratos' godly strength and - of course - some serious mashing of theX button.