God of War II - Colossus battle

It just goes to show the scale of the action, asthe boss you were once fighting now becomes the new environment. Only a few PS2 games - such as the aptly-named Shadow of the Colossus, have managed create action on such monumental scale. And this is still only the opening level.

Once inside Colossus, Kratos must use his agility to dance through the decaying structure and place his blade into the robotic Colossus%26rsquo; enchanted cogs and gears. Scurrying through Colossus%26rsquo; skeleton like a tooled up parasite, Kratos makes his way to the head, where the final gear is found. Plunging the sword in sends the hulking structure into a crumbling mess, forcing Kratos to burst out the mouth to avoid being taken down in rubble. Now that%26rsquo;s a finisher.