Watch the God of War documentary and prepare for two hours of high highs and low lows

The God of War documentary is here, and it's just under two hours of rare insight into the creation of a modern-day classic. Titled Raising Kratos, it was made with years' worth of behind-the-scenes footage from Sony Santa Monica Studio as well as looks back at God of War's roots. Though it's an official feature-length production from PlayStation, the documentary still faces up to difficulties that the development team faced over the game's five-year development. It also addresses the way the God of War series went out with a whimper before the reboot. Remember God of War: Ascension? No? Exactly.

This kind of developer access makes me green with envy. Just look at this frank discussion with director Cory Barlog from the morning before the big God of War reveal at E3 2016.

"I think I've been rehearsing that demo for a month," Barlog says. "It's just nine minutes, but to me it's the most important nine minutes of this game. That's the one where everybody's either gonna go 'What the fuck are you doing' or 'What the fuck are you doing, that's awesome!' I have no idea what the answer is going to be either."

The answer was the much-more-positive "what the fuck" but development didn't get any easier from there. Watch the full documentary for more in-the-moment discussion with developers, and - let's be honest with ourselves - to see if you can catch any more God of War sequel teases.

God of War is still number one on our list of the best PS4 games, and it may be a while before that changes. If you don't mind spoilers, check out our video guide to 7 things we want to see in the sequel. 

Connor Sheridan

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