Gitaroo Man Lives!

Gitaroo Man Lives! (MOV, 8.53MB)

Friday 26 May 2006
Gitaroo Man is back and this time he's plucking his funky stuff on PSP with Gitaroo Man Lives!

Gitaroo Man Lives! is a rhythm action games that sees a young geek transforming himself into the superhero Gitaroo Man when he gets his hands on a stylized sci-fi Gibson Explorer guitar.

The aim of the game is to save the universe by rhythmically harmonising between the action buttons and analogue nub, enabling Gitaroo man to wield his axe, destroying any enemy in his path.

This PSP version, which is out this autumn, will also make use of the handheld's WiFi capabilities to offer cooperative and competitive two player fun.

The original Gitaroo Man was released in 2002 for PS2 and - besides being dangerously addictive - is fondly remembered for its daft visuals and distinct tunes.