Ghosts Of The Abyss review

So that's what James Cameron's been up to - - or rather, down to - - all this time. Ever since scooping the Oscars for Titanic, he's been hanging around the wreck of... Titanic.

All right, that's unfair - - he's spent some of that time funding and organising this documentary, which explores the haunting, skeletal ship to a degree never before seen. Unusually for Mr Jim, he takes a back seat in the footage, only popping up occasionally to do something heroic such as launching a rescue mission for a trapped robo-sub. Narrative and layman's-eye view duties are left to Bill Paxton, who keeps the tone respectful while layering on the superlatives (the downed ship is ""ethereal"" and often ""majestic"").

It's an interesting look at the vessel's tragic history and current condition, with the 3D technique and probing camera work stretching the boundaries of the IMAX experience. But that doesn't make Ghosts any more than a curio for die-hard Titanic fans. And even they will struggle with the cheesy choral music - - which, though it avoids the horror of Celine Dion warbling away, is still just enough to have you wishing cinemas had mute buttons.

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