Getting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the online multiplayer? Don't forget it'll cost extra later this year

If playing online is one of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's biggest draws for you, release day is a good time to remind you that you'll have to pay extra for the privilege later this year. Nintendo Switch Online Service is free right now, but once it gets a proper launch in fall, online multiplayer will move behind a paid subscription.

Clearly, Mario Kart is at its best on the couch (or rooftop party) with friends. But online multiplayer helps fill that gap when distance, time, and the general concept of "adulthood" interferes with gaming parties. To Nintendo's credit, it isn't trying to hide the extra cost for playing online or anything. This Tweet recently went out from Nintendo of America's official account.

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The Nintendo Switch Online Service will also include a free monthly Virtual Console download, special deals, and access to an online lobby and voice chat app for mobile devices. Nintendo hasn't confirmed exactly how much it will cost (or many other details) since it was first announced back in January.

Not sure about paying for online Mario Kart? At least reading our list of all the Mario Kart games from worst to best will always be free!

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